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From a company that began specializing in custom teppan grills,
K2S has evolved into a full service company that can help you with just one part in making your restaurant or the entire endeavor.
With over 800 restaurants designed and built,
K2S has the experience and foresight to help create a restaurant that is aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient,and all within budget.
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Trifecta Griddle now delivered to Espana! TRIFECTA GRIDDLE

TheTrifecta Griddle is a 3-in-1 unit that delivers convenience and versatility to any cooking environment.


The project in Argentina focused on the takoyaki capabilities of the Trifecta Griddle.
Utilizing the Carbon Lamp Heating System, the Trifecta Griddle allows for fast and efficient heating with minimized running cost. And with a simple replacement method, switching out carbon lamps when they’re damaged is easy and fast.
Of the broad K2S teppan product line-up, the Trifecta Griddle is the most versatile unit available. Although the Argentina project is focusing on the takoyaki griddle option, the Trifecta can still be used to cook gyoza or it can be used as a general teppan cook top!


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