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With over 800 restaurants designed and built,
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Japanese teppan griddle | Hawaii USA

Japanese Steak Restaurant(Teppanyaki)


We exported Japanese teppan griddle to Hawaii from Japan.
The heat source of the griddle is a carbon lamp.
It is our only product in the world.


Japanese teppan griddle

Japanese teppan griddle


We undertook construction with a design and the production of the Japanese teppan griddle.
and we exported teppan griddle to Hawaii from Japan.


Because we acquire UL and ETL, we can export teppan griddle  made in Japan to America.


Japanese teppan griddle

Japanese teppan griddle



K2S US CORP., operates and manufactures high quality Japanese griddle appliances that has been certified Internationally.
We are specialized in making griddle kitchen instruments with high standards in terms of reliability and safety.
We can also customize our products in order to suit your needs.
For your inquiries please feel free to ask us.


Thank you.


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